Three Excellent Reasons to Buy a Bull Terrier

Pets I think that a lot of people are aware of how incredibly wonderful it is to have a little dog as a companion. They are affectionate and loyal and protective and just all around fun to have around. Some folks do not have a particular breed that prefer, some folks do. Some folks, like me, don’t care what breed it is as long as it is a shelter dog. Whatever your preferences are, if you are a dog person, you might want to consider finding a bull terrier for sale and, I will tell you why.

Reason #1: Bull terrier puppies just have character! Does anybody remember Spuds McKenzie? Or maybe you are more familiar with the little dog for Target stores that has a target mark over one eye. Nobody can look at either of those dogs and not see all the character present immediately and, guess what – they are both famous examples of the bull terrier breed! And guess what else – all bull terrier puppies have that iconic little head and most of them have those cute little characteristic patches on their fur.

Reason #2: No matter how old they get, brown English bull terrier will never grow into large dogs. They stand about a foot tall at the shoulder on average and usually weigh in at about 45 pounds. Their size makes them ideal for apartment living and they will never take up too much room when you travel in the car with them. Also, because bull terriers are not terribly large, they are easier to walk on a leash and manage in public.

Reason #3: This is the most important part! Bull terrier puppies are incredibly affectionate and friendly with people, even strangers, so there is a very low chance that your bull terrier will turn into a people biter. They are also incredibly smart – this fact combined with their loyalty to their humans makes them incredibly easy to train. Also because they are so intelligent, you can teach them all of those fun tricks you see on TV. These little guys also do not shed a whole lot plus they are not big barkers.

If all of this information has convinced you that a bull terrier for sale is the right dog for you, your next step is to contact bull terrier kennels in your area to start the process of adopting the perfect bull terrier puppy for you and your family. Make sure you visit the bull terrier kennels in person so you ca see for yourself what sort of environment your puppy will be coming from. What you see at the kennel can tell you almost everything you need to know about the condition of your future puppy!