Tips for Taking Your Dog to a Dorset Beach

Travel & Tourism Options for dog-friendly holidays in Dorset are everywhere. With beaches aplenty and miles of green landscape, your pup is going to LOVE the coast! Know the Beach Before you come, make sure you know the specific restrictions that the beach has in relation to man’s best friend: at what time of day you can go and whether you need to keep your furry companion on a lead. Another thing to consider, and to plan for, is the tide height. Check tide times before you go, so that you know when you’ll be able to walk along the sands. Also keep an eye out for hidden dangers on the beach. The sea washes up all sorts of troublesome items, such as jellyfish, sharp shells or fish hooks. Be wary and be prepared to check your mutt’s paws and mouth before you go home. Responsibility for your Dog Pack lots of poo bags, as the sea water and the heat may make your dog go more frequently than usual. Even if they bury it under the sand, it’s your responsibility to keep the beach clean so everyone can enjoy it. Keeping your four-legged friend under control is absolutely essential. The beach is a shared space where other people might not be so keen on dogs running up to them and shaking salty sea water from their fur, even if it’s intended in a friendly way! Keep a close eye, to make sure they don’t cause disruption. A Bit of TLC Canines need sunscreen too, so make sure you find a brand that is dog-friendly.

Holidays in Dorset are renowned for being dog-centred, so buying some when you get there shouldn’t be too difficult. Put a little on their nose and ears to keep them protected. Your little friend is undoubtedly going to drink some sea water while playing on the shore, so bring some fresh water to help rehydrate him. If they’re panting heavily, they need immediate rehydration! Your dog may not wish to swim of course, so don’t force him! If he does choose to swim, keep an eye on him at all times as strong riptides can be dangerous. It’s nice for your dog to walk in the shallow sea water, rather than on the scalding sand. So be sure to find shaded areas to walk on, or to have a designated shady area to stay in, such as a pop-up tent or under a big umbrella. To End the Day When you finally decide to leave the sands after a fantastic day out, make sure you’ve cleaned up after your pup and that you give them a good dry down before the drive home, so they don’t get too cold.

When you get home, rinse your doggy with non-salt water so that the brine from the sea doesn’t irritate their skin. Dog-friendly holidays in Dorset are brilliant days out, but there are lots of things to consider, to ensure you and other beach-users enjoy yourselves to the full. Author Plate Michael Paul is the Managing Director of Michael Paul Holidays, a holiday property agency offering a handpicked range of accommodation in wonderful UK locations. Whether you are looking for family getaways, romantic escapes or dog friendly holidays, Dorset is often at the top of Michael’s recommendation list. He and his team will find you that perfect property for an unforgettable trip.