Gearing Up for Dog Friendly Holidays in Dorset

Travel & Tourism Holidays that accommodate a four-legged friend are becoming ever more popular in the UK, and if you’re a fan of dog friendly holidays, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall have a host of wonderful retreats from which to choose. Because we want you to get the most out of your break, we’ve put together some top tips to help you organise and prepare for a trip away with your pooch. Choosing the Right Holiday It’s definitely worth thinking carefully when you’re planning to take your furry friend away with you. Taking them to a city, for example, is not really a great idea, and bear in mind that some beach locations get very busy in the summer months and place somerestrictions when it comes to animal access. If you plan to visit the countryside to enjoylong walks and out-of-the-way nature areas, it pays to be clued up on exactly where you’re headed. For example, in places that have a big sheep farming community, you need to be sure that you can keep your dog under control.

Check out one of the excellent guides available and you’ll be able to stay on the right track when you’re exploring the countryside with your pooch. The Right Accommodation There are more and more options these days when it comes to hotels that accept dogs, but it’s always a good idea to give them a ring first and speak to someone personally about their regulations. We suggest you ask things like the rules about leaving your pet in the room and whether you can bring it to breakfast with you. Some places only allow smaller breeds, for example, and many ask for an additional fee. Make sure you remember to bring your pet’s own bedding as well. Self-catering properties are often more geared towards furry visitors, but again, check for specific information. Are they allowed upstairs? Is the garden secure? What are the rules about dogs on furniture? Dining Out If your four-legged friend can’t be left on its own in your holiday accommodation you’ll need to check with your chosen restaurant on their animal policy. If it’s cold and wet outside you won’t want to dine‘al fresco’, so this is really important.

Pubs are usually more lenient than restaurants with regards to this point, and thelocal tourist information should be able to help you with a list of eateries that will accommodate your beloved pal. Visiting Local Attractions Museums and galleries will normally have a ‘no dog’ policy but there are lots of attractions in the UK that don’t. Our wonderful National Trust is an excellent organisation that has some comprehensive information about great places where your pet will be made to feel very at home. Mosttowns have tourist information centres that will be able to let you know where they are welcome and where they aren’t. Preparing for Your Trip We would always advise getting your dog chipped before you head off on holiday but, at the very least,have your mobile number inscribed on its ID tag. When you’re away from home you have to be aware that your pet is also somewhere new, so it’s a good idea to bring something familiar, such as their bed or toy, so they don’t feel insecure or anxious about their surroundings. Dogs love routine, so when you’re away try to maintain some of the routine you keep at home. This will help with settling and relaxing your pet. When you’re out, make sure you take plenty of water for them and lots of waste bags as well. Finally, make sure you research how to remove ticks from your pet. Ticks are common in the countryside, especially in the summer, and are easily dealt with as long as you know how. You can buy a little plastic tick-removing tool, which is a godsend if you are not used to dealing with these nasty little pests. There are so many stunning walking spots around the country that lend themselves perfectly to dog friendly holidays. Dorset is a classic example and one that we would highly recommend. Author Plate Michael Paul is the Managing Director of Michael Paul Holidays, a holiday property agency offering a handpicked range of accommodation in wonderful UK locations. Whether you are looking for family getaways, romantic escapes or dog friendly holidays, Dorset is often at the top of Michael’s recommendation list. He and his team will find you that perfect property for an unforgettable trip.