Pets,Hobbies,Recreation & Leisure THE IMPORTANCE OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR CANINE Communicating with your canine is one of the most critical aspects of a healthy owner-pet relationship. If you have noticed your canine is not listening to your commands, chewing things up, running away, or even tugging on a leash, these are some of the most visible signs that your relationship requires better communication skills. When a majority of new pet owners see this behavior and are not able to correct it on their own, many begin to believe their dog is not able to learn, or not a good dog, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Effective communication starts with you, not just your canine. And the importance of training either gives you a healthy relationship, or a poor relationship that in many situations can, unfortunately, end in turmoil. Poor communication between you and your canine can leave a dog feeling confused and not sure how to react, leading to the unfavorable behavior you are experiencing. Dogs naturally are pack animals and therefore require social structure and proper socialization to know how to behave appropriately. You as the owner must be seen as the leader of the pack, so your dog obeys you when necessary. Some may view this as exerting too much dominance over your dog; however, training your Milwaukee dog to obey your commands is extremely important to your pets overall safety. As young children and babies need to be taught how to survive and communicate, pets require the same training.

Dogs like young children do not understand the dangers of the world around them and therefore are relying on you to protect them and keep them safe (even if they don’t act like it). Engaging in proper training techniques early on teaches your canine to not be frightened and have the confidence in knowing right from wrong. Reinforcing this behavior will not only help to keep your dog safe in certain situations but also help create a stronger bond between you and your dog. The earlier you can instill this in your pup the better, but this doesn’t mean older dogs cannot still learn right from wrong. If you are experiencing training and listening issues with your pet it may be time to enlist the help of a trained professional to comfort you both and ensure you have a healthy safe relationship.

Pet owners with good relationships with their pets are less stressed and spend less time worrying about their canine. Chicago canines with proper training and communication with their owner are also more secure and less likely to participate in non-favorable behavior. A canine that is not listening is not a bad dog, just a confused dog looking for the right guidance from their owner.